About Us

At this point, you have visited your physical therapist, chiropractor, orthopedist, pain doctor, massage therapist and still have not found the relief you’re seeking. Your family and friends want you to try a variety of treatments but you’re tired of wasting money, being on pain medications or hoping that it eventually gets better. Instead of just another opinion, you want to see results. You want fast pain relief that you can find here. We have a very hi-tech tool (the most state of the art Deep Tissue Laser) that gives significant pain relief to 90% of the patients in 10 minutes and it doesn’t involve needles. That’s the difference between traditional Physical Therapy and us.

At Crabapple Physical Therapy, we help our patients by educating them on the root of their pain. By establishing the cause of your symptoms we can offer a solution that is permanent. We are able to incorporate the latest high-tech tools including the most powerful LightForce Laser available; the only research-based, computerized, low back testing and strengthening machine called the MedX; a computerized medical balance system; and the newest aquatic therapy technology on the market. With our specialized experience and these tools, we achieve lasting results and help you realize that “Life Can Feel Great Again”.