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"I would like to thank Blake & all the great people at Crabapple Physical Therapy for their great support following my hip replacement surgery. Thanks also to Dr. Kress & his staff for a great outcome and an easy & effortless process. PT helped me quickly get back on my feet and be able to do all the routine daily things with independence. It was fun, effective, & helped recovery go quickly. Thank you!!"
Oct 08, 2018
"For several weeks I was experience some pain in my left hip that was affecting my ability to walk with my left leg. I also was having pain at night when I slept of both my right and left sides. My rheumatologist, Dr. Alan Fisherman, suggested I go for physical therapy to help relieve the pain that was being caused by my scoliosis. He wrote a prescription for therapy which I showed to my chiropractor, Dr. Desai at Alpharetta Spine Center. She suggested the office in the building next door, Crabapple Physical Therapy. My therapist there, Blake Pugh, suggested I do six weeks (twice a week) of water therapy, along with 6 laser treatments to my hip. The water therapy was a wonderful way to workout without too much strain on the body. I felt better and better each time I went and the pain went away. I feel so much more strength. Two people on the staff, Kate Davis and Walicia were both very encouraging."
Oct 08, 2018
"I presented to CPT with a deteriorated meniscus. I was walking with a limp, and going up or down stairs caused extreme pain. I told Blake that I was headed to Scotland in two weeks, and wanted to be able to do extensive walking. He advised me that soft tissue damage takes 4 – 6 weeks to heal with traditional physical therapy, but deep tissue laser might do the trick. He started me on traditional physical therapy, augmented by laser treatments. Success! I was walking comfortably and climbed hundreds of stairs in Edinburg. Blake, Way, and Kate are a fabulous team! They were very supportive during my therapy and recovery. I highly recommend them."
Oct 08, 2018
"Your team is very professional. They all care so much about the patients to the degree that they spoil us all. They are like family more than physical therapy. "
Feb 16, 2018


Kimberly F.

"My name is Kim F. and I have had tennis elbow for almost a year. I had no idea tennis elbow could be so painful! I had a friend refer me to Blake at Crabapple Physical Threapy and he has changed my life! Blake has been using their laser technology on my arm and elbow and I cannot say enough wonderful things about this fascinating treatment. I have been coming for about 6 weeks and it has made all the difference for me. I could barerly life a coffee cup and now my pain is almost gone! Blake and Walicia are the best! They have taken excellent care of me. They are so warm and welcoming and you can tell they really care about their patients. I have been referring them to everyone! Thank you for giving me my life back!"

Gayle B.

"I came to Crabapple Physical Therapy because my physician recommended Blake for balance. I am glad I followed her instruction. Blake and the crew are fantastic. I love that he explained why I was doing certain exercises. I would recommend Crabapple to anyone who needs physical therapy."

Tori M.

"After years of sports, farm work, and a busy lifestyle, I found myself in discomfort more often than not. As time went on things elevated, and I finally went to a doctor. Physical Therapy was recommended, and I began working with Blake shortly after. Throughout my time here I experienced a welcoming environment, a high level of expertise, and thorough care and attention to my needs. After only 6 weeks, without drastically reducing my normal schedule; work on the farm became easier, faster, and pain-free. On top of that, PT was always an enjoyable part of my week. I am highly impressed with the staff here at Crabapple Physical Therapy and would not go elsewhere in the future if another problem presents itself."

Emily C.

"After spending months of unsuccessful physical therapy with a different practice, I came to Crabapple Physical Therapy by recommendation of a friend. She promised me personalized care and atmosphere, and that is exactly what I received. Blake was very thorough in listening to all the problems I was having with my shoulder. Each time I would come in with any type of new pain, he made sure to address it and adjust my therapy as needed. Before I came to Crabapple Physical Therapy, I was in pain every day from shoulder impingement and a torn labrum, so much that it had started affecting me mentally as well as physically. After a few months of personalized care from Blake and the Crabapple Physical Therapy Staff, I am now able to go back to working out and throwing the softball with my daughter. I cannot thank Blake and Crabapple Physical Therapy enough for how much they helped me."

Dan N.

"My knee hurt and not just a little bit. It hurt and steps were one at a time. After 2 weeks the pain turned to soreness – no pain. These people are wonderful. You feel like the want the best for you. Not just for the money. I am very pleased and grateful."

Gary S.

"My issue was sciatica. The folks at Crabapple Physical Therapy came up with the exercises, heat treatments, stretching, and constant monitoring for pain, improvement, and finally success. No pain. : )

I can say the staff was great, and the facilities perfect and close by.

A sincere thanks to Blake and Walicia.

I would wholeheartedly recommend them."

Joan W.

"I injured my shoulder in a fall and waited 3 weeks before seeing a doctor. The pain was constant and it limited what I was able to accomplish in a day.

I have been having physical therapy for 2 months and I am so much better. My pain level is very low and my activity level has greatly improved. Blake and Way have been a pleasure to work with and I feel great after each session and am so very thankful."

Raymond H.

"Crabapple PT and staff were very professional, and most helpful in treating my issues. Blake recommended and secured for me a new knee brace which gave me much more stability. Their treatments improved my balance and strengthened my muscles. I highly recommend this organization and their staff. They are outstanding!!!"

Steven B.

Blake, Way, and the team at CPT were very attentive to my needs and worked with me through all of my pain and knee discomfort. They were professional and gave me excellent care and encouragement. I leave today with little to no knee pain and feel much better.

A big thank you to everyone at CPT!

Jana G.

"I came to CPT after I woke up with that I thought was any old myofascial trigger. I remember reading about this clinic in the “North Fulton Family Life” magazine. I loved Kim’s story and her vision for the practice. So when the time came to seek help for my pain, my mind went immediately to this practice. Kate at the front office is extremely helpful and quickly navigated through my insurance plan option. She set up an appointment for the following morning. When I met Blake, he asked me many questions about my past health, pain level, and previous issues with my back. He assessed by situation and came up with a plan for my next visits. I left feeling confident that he will be able to help me. He provided me with handy cards for my stretches and suggested laser therapy. I slept for 12 hours that night and woke up pain free. Their rehab aide Way is also fantastic and helpful in guiding me through my warm up! He continued my manual therapy along with laser and by my 6th visit, I felt better than ever. Make CPT your first and last stop! State of the art equipment along with friendly and knowledgeable staff makes this practice stand out. "

Annette S.

"Amazing RESULTS! After an injury I was left with a severe hamstring tear and back pain. On the traditional physical therapy tract for these injuries I experienced some relief but I was unable to sit, stand, or be upright for more than 4 hours a day. After learning about Crabapple Therapy I began to experience improvement from the very beginning. The initial assessment by Kim was thorough and the treatment plan was personalized by Blake and adapted and increased on every visit. The specialized equipment, treatments and therapies and actual hands on approaches soon had my pain decreased and allowed me to strengthen my muscles. Walicia is kind but encouraging as I was working today though some very hard days. Kate worked diligently to ensure that the insurance aspect was completely taken care of. Stacey always made me smile. If you want RESULTS in a caring, personalized, professionally advanced PT center. This is the right place for you."

Carolyn L.

"I’ve had two back surgeries and still had pain everyday, not all day, but every day. I saw an article about the new Crabapple Physical Therapy in the September North Fulton Family Life Magazine and I thought I would give it a try. I first came Oct 5th and immediately liked Dr. Kim. She started me slowly and she listened to me about my problem – I had trouble standing and walking and wanted to have a normal life. Slowly things got better, I was able to bake cookies at Christmas and do some Christmas shopping which was impossible before working with Dr. Kim.

Now in March I’m able to stand and walk well enough to lead a more normal life. Thanks Dr. Kim."

Deborah G.

"Over the last 10 years I have been to several physical therapists for my low back pain & sciatica but none quite as knowledgeable, professional, and warmhearted as Crabapple Physical Therapy in Milton, Ga. They offer deep tissue laser treatments and the MedX back machine which strengthens the back with no stress put on it. I chose to go here based on research and my call to Kate whose kindness and manner radiated over the phone. I went from severe pain to mild or no discomfort with Blake. He always stayed on top of how I was doing and making adjustments based on my ability on any given day. The changes always gave the optimal result. They are a unique family of professionals that belong in the top tier of therapists."

Barbara A.

"I am delighted and surprised that I have been able to re-capture some strength and motion in my elder years! The techniques and skills of your well-trained staff, along with their positive, encouraging, compassionate spirit enhanced my experience in therapy. I am more sure in my stability on stairs and balance; I can lift my 9 mo. 17 pound grandchildren with ease!

I am grateful to have had this marvelous opportunity and am sharing my story with all of my friends!

Thank you!"

Melanie D.

"I love to exercise & I was to the point where my shoulder/neck hurt & I couldn’t do it anymore. After visits w/ Dr. Schlamp I was feeling better but knew I needed more. I went to Dr. Webb at Emory & he suggested PT. I live in Crabapple so it was a no brainer for me to checkout Crabapple PT. From the moment I walked in the door they were like family. Kate is wonderful welcoming you, explaining everything & checking on insurance. Then I met Blake the physical therapist. He is fantastic! Very knowledgeable, explains everything & why things feel the way they do & how to fix them. I worked with him for 4 weeks on specific exercises & did my homework! I am totally pain free, back to exercising & totally thankful for their help. They are great neighbors in Crabapple & I highly recommend them to everyone who needs physical therapy! Also thanks to my friend Stacey DiMarco for recommending I try them out!"

Kara F.

"In the beginning of 2017, I suffered from a bout of bronchitis that I just couldn’t kick. After 2+ months I coughed so hard I felt a pop and the pain in my side/ribs was so terrible I allowed by boyfriend to come bring me to the ER. X-rays confirmed I had not broken a rib but they were concerned about my back because of how out of alignment it looked. They sent me on my way with some muscle relaxers and pain meds and insisted I should get a follow up as soon as the cough ceased. By that time (another month or so later) I felt good enough, as long as I didn’t move certain ways. So like any good procrastinator, I ignored medical advice and put it off. It was not until I moved in with my boyfriend late that summer that he informed me I was crying out in my sleep whenever I turned over. After a long drive up to my hometown of Syracuse, NY and back he put his foot down and said if I didn’t go to the doctor I would need to sleep in the guest bedroom. It had been 4 months since the ER visit so I knew I needed more than a chiropractor. By a stroke of fate, I found Crabapple PT and Kim immediately identified that I had stuck ribs. The initial progress was so amazing! I stopped crying out at night within the first few weeks and my mobility improved. Alas, my body is as stubborn as the rest of me and anytime I’d cough or sneeze my muscles would regress slightly. Kim and Blake did not give up on me and after a few months of visits and home exercises, we were able to strengthen my back enough that I no longer regressed from a cough or a sneeze. Thanks to everyone at Crabapple PT, I am back to normal!"

Carolyn T.

"Post concussion syndrome altered my life; headaches, dizziness, and cognitive impairment. I was beyond the point of needing physical therapy. Dr. Chastain's use of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for six weeks has restored by health. I am totally functional now and was able to prepare and roast a turkey for Thanksgiving. I am so grateful to Dr. Kim Chastain for her exemplary professionalism and her kind heart. Post concussion syndrome will eventually return and I will once again see Dr. Chastain."

Elizabeth F.

"After two years of struggling with a debilitating back injury and going through epidural and physical therapy which really didn’t make my progress move forward, my neuro surgery consult was next. Dr. Schultz felt surgery was not the answer and suggested seeking physical therapy for iliac torsion. Crabapple Physical Therapy had just opened so I walked in. Kim and her entire staff of professionals worked a plan that helped me to improve my mobility and pain levels. Their equipment is first rate and their sensitivity to my changing needs made my time with them so worth it. They are not like any physical therapy I have ever had. I can’t thank them all enough for their patience and professionalism. "